Tutoring is one-on-one, performed at your location (your home or public facility).  No extra charge is assessed for customized curriculum, prep time, consultations, worksheets and study aids, and ongoing progress reports.  There may be an additional charge assessed for personal contact (meetings, consultations, diagnostics, etc.) with schools and other teachers, at the discretion of the tutor.


RATES:  (minimum 1 hour, 15 minute increments thereafter; 24 hour cancellation notice, otherwise one hour charged)

BASIC                        10 HOURS

Elementary School / Middle School / High School / Misc

            Initial session (includes diagnostics)                           $ 55.00 / hour             

            Subsequent sessions                                                       50.00 / hour              $ 450.00 ($45.00 per hour)


Undergraduate Courses (Core subjects, 100 Level and below)

            Initial session (includes diagnostics)                           $ 65.00 / hour

            Subsequent sessions                                                       55.00 / hour              $ 500.00 ($ 50.00 per hour)


Undergraduate Courses (200 Level and higher)

            Initial session (includes diagnostics)                           $ 75.00 / hour

            Subsequent sessions                                                       65.00 / hour              $ 550.00 ($ 55.00 per hour)


Graduate Courses

            Initial session (includes diagnostics)                           $ 90.00 / hour

            Subsequent sessions                                                       75.00 / hour              $ 650.00 ($ 65.00 per hour)


Post-graduate Courses

            Initial session (includes diagnostics)                           $110.00 / hour

            Subsequent sessions                                                      100.00 / hour             $ 900.00 ($90.00 per hour)


Special Services

Fees charged for special services, including but not limited to, moderate to severe learning disabilities, off-site review of assignments, papers, etc., lectures, symposiums, seminars, meetings, coaching, etc. are negotiable.


DESTINATION CHARGE:  (if over 20 miles from Tigard or if in the downtown Portland area)

Each mile or portion thereof after first 20 miles:                    $  1.00

There will be a surcharge dependent on time of day and exact location for downtown Portland area due to the difficulty in parking and the fees involved.

We may negotiate a set fee including mileage for custom tutoring packages outside the home area or in the downtown Portland area.




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