What is Tutoring?

Tutoring is private teaching.It is the imparting of knowledge, skills and mentoring/counseling on a one-to-one basis.That said, our tutoring is much more than this.We consider ourselves to be professionals, and we give value for money.

A fairly large number of so-called tutors ply their trade in various ways.They each have their own idea of what tutoring is, and have differing levels of competence and understanding.Out tutoring entails the following:


1.We diagnose the studentís needs independently.This allows us to understand and gain rapport with the student.

2.We teach to the studentís level.We address pre-requisites needed to understand each topic.

3.We customize the syllabus when needed.We will attempt to instill necessary skills often neglected in schools.

4.We do not reiterate classroom teaching.If such teaching were effective, students will not have needed additional tutoring.

5.We teach concepts.Each concept can engender thousands of procedures.Merely memorizing procedures is counterproductive at best and generally futile.

6.We address study habits and skills where necessary.

7.We counsel and mentor when necessary.

8.We will represent the student in meetings and/or contact with educators when requested.

9.We keep records of material covered and progress made for each student.

10.We will maintain contact with school officials and teachers when requested.

Tutoring is not about doing the work for students, or merely helping with homework and projects.Tutoring is about teaching in such a way that understanding of concepts is achieved.

We perform spot tutoring, that is tutoring for specific tests, quizzes, exams, etc., only for our regular students.We decline to accept students merely for spot tutoring.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

David K. Yoshinaga, Ph.D., Ph.D., Sc.D.




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